Version 1.121 stable

"Join." is a collaborative artwork based on the childrens colouring in book classic 'Join the Dots'. Participants in the Open Congress at the Tate Britain were invited to be Developers of an original artwork one dot at a time.

Developers registered to join the aesthetic team, and placed one dot anywhere on a provided blank sheet. Dots were marked with a sequentially allocated revision number.

Developers were asked to use their skill and artistic judgement to place a dot in such a way that it would contribute to a finished image which would be created by joining the dots with straight lines.

In order to register, Developers agreed to release their dot under the Creative Commons share-alike by attribution license.

At the end of the Open Congress Development Period (Oct 7th-8th), registration was closed and the art work, complete with registration documents will now be donated to the Tate or similar UK national collection.

The licensing of the work ensures that others are free to copy, distribute the work, or make images of it and derivative works, as long as all Developers are attributed, and the license is retained.


October 7th 2005

October 8th 2005

License Ammendments

Two developers felt that the licensing of their dots was overly restrictive and made the following ammendments; As the public domain stipulations are less restrictive than the Creative Commons Share Alike license authors wishing to include dots in for instance a non attributed derivative work may use dots 48 and 76 only.

Derivative Works

A week after the Open Congress on Saturday 15th October 2005, the Join Dot Sprint was held in the Tate Britain as part of the Dotty Tate family art event. Using A3 printed copies of the original artwork, children were asked to join the dots in whatever order they liked to produce original derivative works, using the Join Dot source artwork. They were also asked whether they would like to donate their works to a UK national art collection.

Works by the following young artists can be seen here.


Each version of Join. has a unique version number constructed as follows;


A new sheet begins a new major Branch of the piece with each placed dot recorded as a Revision Number. Derivative works are numbered sequentially as sub-versions of the Branch and Revision. During a development period Branches are marked 'development' and are marked 'stable' upon release.

The current release is: 1.121 stable

The most recent derivative work is: 1.121.047


Many thanks to the following;

Julian Priest

Lead Developer Oct 2005